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About Us

Legal Services Law Line of Vermont is a non-profit legal services law firm that specializes in consultation, advice, and community education for low income Vermonters. Law Line believes that people are best helped when given the support, assistance and information they need to help themselves. In other words, people can get power in their lives by learning how to handle some legal problems on their own. Law Line attorneys and paralegals help people represnt themselves by learning the facts, explaining the law, helping with paperwork, and discussing the best strategies for winning. Law Line believes that the legal system must be open to everyone whether or not they have lawyers. We are concerned about barriers to justice such as court fees, inaccessibility, lack of information, "legalese," and any other problems people encounter when trying to exercise their right to be heard. Law Line works with our clients to narrow the gap between the promise of justice and the difficulty reality of achieving it.