Makom Community

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2125 Chestnut Street
United States

About Us

Makom Community is building a meaningful and vibrant learning community by integrating daily afterschool, camp, and family learning experiences where we ignite joy for whole family Jewish engagement. As students and families, we are in conversation with Jewish text and ideas as we play and create together, joining the generations before us in constructing a personally meaningful relationship with Jewish tradition. At Makom Community, Jewish ideas, text, and values become an integral part of daily life.

Makom Community provides daily, high-quality afterschool care and Jewish education for children ages 4-11. In our pilot year 2014-2015, we're enrolling students in Pre-K through second grade. In the future, Makom will serve students in Pre-K through 5th grade. Each student’s learning is project-based and child-led. Learning is immersive and applied daily in our communal setting. Shabbat is a highlight of every week at Makom. Each Friday, families are invited to stay for a family celebration of Shabbat. Our students prepare food and learning to share. We’ll sing, dance, eat together, and enjoy each other’s company!