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About Us

Nurturing Minds, Inc is seeking to make a difference by educating Tanzanian girls who are poor, marginalized and at-risk of becoming involved in exploitative forms of child labor. Working with its Tanzanian partner, SEGA, Nurturing Minds raises funds and provides support for the construction and development of the Sega Girls School, a residential secondary school in Tanzania that gives a quality education to vulnerable girls who are unable to attend school due to extreme poverty.

The Sega Girls School aims to be a center of excellence for teaching, learning and leadership development in both academic and life skills, and is setting up school-run businesses that will both teach practical business skills and generate income to ensure long-term sustainability.

Currently (2013), the Sega Girls School is educating 160 young women, and we are making plans to complete construction of the campus, so that we will be able to reach our target of educating 200 disadvantaged girls by 2015.

These girls will graduate with skills that empower them to make changes in their own lives, in their families and in their communities.