Cameroon Experiment in International Living Federation

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About Us

Founded in 2006, Cameroon Experiment in International Living Federation (CASICNET) is a Cameroon Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to various issues aimed at promoting the rights and well being of the young men and women, especially in the rural areas, particularly targeting the underprivileged as well as orphans and vulnerable children. It was founded, by a group of professionals in different fields of thoughts who found it necessary to form an organization that would unite the youth and promote the exchange of views, information and experiences for social and economic development. It is incorporated and registered under the Cameroon nonprofit Registration Statute.


To support human progress through an integrative balance of individual, group, societal and environmental needs whereby self-interest, concern for others and respect for other cultures and for the environment are seen as synergistic, rather than antagonistic factors of human life and societal development.


By virtue of creation this organization intends to

• Improve standards of living in the society

• Reduce un employment

• Increase productivity

• Restore hope and life to the lost, destitute and promote love, peace and unity necessary for the progress of the community