Cono Christian School, Inc.

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3269 Quasqueton Ave
United States

About Us

 Cono provides families and their children a place that fosters hope and reconciliation. We offer a safe place for our students to move beyond current confusions and conflict, disruptive, aggressive and even violent behaviors, the effects of developmental trauma, a community in which every child can discover at a deep level that they belong.

Real grace in this world comes through real adults who are prepared for the work required to develop relationships with a child. We give compassion and care to children who need help with steady and joyful hands. At Cono we teach them too.

Our nurturing community and residential education provides an effective and proven answer for children who struggle emotionally, behaviorally and socially. Children who have suffered adverse experiences find transformation into self-regulated, equipped and successful young adults. Students come from many backgrounds. Many of our students have been adopted or experienced some form of family dislocation and distress or have been identified with sensory differences. Almost always they have had adverse childhood experiences or exhibit developmental trauma.