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About Us

We are an umbrella NGO to more than 20 community Base Organizations in Cameroon. created in 2008 to focus on:

 -Internships and voluntary programs to local and International Volunteers who are able and willing to make a difference in poor communities in the field of medical/health Care,Teaching , agriculture,Orphanage,Special Needs Care,Elderly Care,Construction and Renovation, Counseling ,Daycare placements etc.We also carry out outreach programs in poor communities by:

-Creating workshops awareness on FGM,HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence

-Soup Kitchen for street people and an after school computer classes for youth

We believers in a future where any traveler any where in the world is empowered to make a meaningful difference in the community they are visiting and we take pride in making this happen.

    In recent years voluntary work, has become increasingly popular with our Organization. Voluntary work in Cameroon is definitely for you if;

  • You've always dreamed about making a contribution to this great continent
  • Your heart rate rises when watching a documentary on Africa
  • It makes you extremely happy when fantasizing on staying in Africa which allows you to work with orphans,Students ,women,or assist in the preservation of nature and wildlife.

Cameroon is a unique and wonderful country in a magnificent continent and will make you feel at home without any doubt. The culture, the residents, the scenery and atmosphere create an unprecedented feeling, that results in a change of view. With a wide variety of possibilities, we intern Cameroon match you with a project that meets your heart.

Our Impact since 2008:

. Grew our overall volunteer numbers to more than 700 since 2008

Latest Listings

Teaching Programs Overseas (Intership/Volunteer) (Volunteer Opportunity)

ICT Teacher (Volunteer/Intership) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Teach Music and Dance in a School or Orphanage (Volunteer Opportunity)

Agriculture( Sustainable ,Organic and Community Farming) for Interns and Volunteers (Volunteer Opportunity)

Special Needs Care Program (Internships&Volunteering) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Volunteer as a Counsellor (Volunteer Opportunity)

Physical Education Volunteer Needed (Volunteer Opportunity)

Medical & Health Care Programs for Volunteers /Interns (Free Accommodation and Feeding Avialable) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Construction and Renovation (Internship and Volunteering) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Elderly Care Program for Interns and Volunteers (Volunteer Opportunity)