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About Us

Kiron Open Higher Education (gUG) is a Berlin-based non-profit start-up whose mission is to remove barriers that prevent refugees and displaced people from accessing higher education. Our goal is to empower people to integrate not only on an economic level into the labour market, but also on a social level into society. Our students complete two years of study online and then integrate one of our partner universities in the third year, where they obtain an accredited university degree. Kiron is currently implementing a branch in Paris and is in the process of extending Kiron’s opportunities for higher education to refugees and asylum seekers based in France. For more information, please visit

Latest Listings

Student Assistant for Student Support (Job)

Data Security Officer (Starting November) (Job)

Data Security Officer (Starting November) (Job)

Quality Assurance Manager (Job)

[Working Student] Communications (Job)

Chatterbug Volunteer (Volunteer Opportunity)