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Moo 4
Bang Noi Hoi


About Us

Elephants World is located at Moo 4 , Ban Nong Hoi, Wangdong subdistrict, Muang district, Kanchanaburi. The total area is 130 rai. The project is 32 kilometers from the town of Kanchanaburi.

The project was founded in May 2008 by Dr .Samart Prasitthiphon, veterinarian and head of animal health development section , Kanchanaburi Provincial Livestock Office. Most of his work involving the elephants life so he had faced, seened many problems occured with elephant such as wounded elephants, old elephant with bad health, wandering- touring for money elephants which can not work or help a normal work for their owner.

From that points, Dr. Samart has been looking for a place to solve these problems. The place must be the ready for raising them, namely, must be a natural enviroment, sufficient source of water etc..

Until Dr. Samart met the very kind landlord who has the same intention to help the elephants. Therefore the owner of the land donated the land with the purpose of making the ecotourism place for raising the old elephant, the home for wandering - touring elephants. And also for building relationships between people and elephant. Hoping that the elephant life would be better and happy living at the place surrounded by beautiful nature in Kanchanaburi.

Have you always wanted to work with Elephants? This is your call! We really need help and volunteers at our project! Please send us a email for more information!