Robin Hood Israel Foundation

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About Us

Robin Hood Israel Foundation’s (RHIF) is an US registered charity dedicated to improving the welfare of the State of Israel's citizens by advancing Western values of democracy and providing philanthropic solutions that close the gaps in the country's socio-economic safety nets.

RHIF's acts as an umbrella organization for other NGOs, charities and social welfare organizations that -despite the validity of their respective causes- struggle to be heard, and fights injustice and inequality through its own projects. RHIF's projects range from providing scholarships to Israeli students, to fighting taxation on charitable donations and incubating/accelerating Israel's most impactful NGO's and nonprofits. 

Working at the RHIF offers the unique and rewarding opportunity to grow professionally while collaborating with a talented group of individuals across the globe. One of our greatest strengths is our people and we take pride in giving them ownership of projects and a level of responsibility unmatched in traditional corporate environments. 

RHIF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce and encourages qualified candidates from all backgrounds to apply.