Trinity Center

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304 E. 7th St
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About Us

Trinity Center grew from the concern of parishioners of St. David's Episcopal Church for people experiencing homelessness, their downtown “neighbors,” who were living in shelters and on the streets near the church. Trinity Center was founded by volunteers and is based on a model of action through voluntarism. Since its inception in 1999, Trinity Center has evolved from a Sunday-only ministry in borrowed space to a separately-incorporated 501(c)(3) organization that offers a variety of programs throughout the week.Our programs are based on a neighbor-to-neighbor approach that fosters trust and community between those who have homes and those who do not. We offer companionship, community, food, and – for those who desire it – a place of worship for our neighbors who have lost the comfort of home. We feel very proud of the manner in which our staff and volunteers “lead by acceptance,” resulting in neighbors feeling ownership of Trinity Center and thinking of it as their community center.