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About Us

Public Rights Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the gap between the values expressed in our laws and the lived reality of our most vulnerable communities. We empower state and local prosecutors to protect the core rights and freedoms that define us as Americans by providing them with talent and resources to more proactively enforce their residents’ legal rights.

Public Rights Project aims to bridge the gap between the laws in the books and what’s happening on the ground by leveraging an untapped opportunity: state and local law offices, including City Attorneys, District Attorneys, and Attorneys General. We provide critical start up capital to help these offices increase capacity and pushback against the worst excesses of the current federal administration.

Our model is designed to spur both short-term and long-term impact. In the short term, we provide critical start-up capital to help agencies protect more people’s rights and address the urgent need created by the current administration. In the long-term, we help grow experienced leadership at the state and local level and bring successful legal cases that can generate a sustainable return on investment: revenue for agencies to reinvest in permanent staff and additional cases.

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