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About Us

The Central American Healthcare Initiative – CAHI is a young and growing non-profit organization with a passion for driving innovation in Central American healthcare. The health challenges facing the region are varied and complex, and we believe that decentralized, grass-roots creativity and local leadership provide the best opportunity to drive solutions with impact, to provide vital healthcare services to those who need them most. 

CAHI is making a targeted investment in local leaders, their ideas and their potential to transform healthcare delivery through innovation and enhanced leadership, leveraging millions of dollars spent on health each year. With more efficient delivery of effective care, the health systems of Central America can reach more people with the essential services they need. CAHI has three programs to fulfill this mission:

The Health Innovation Fellowship is an accelerator program for social leaders that provides the tools and support needed to implement, scale, and replicate innovative projects that improve healthcare access for the poorest Central Americans.

The Healthcare Management Program provides public health managers with the training needed to deliver more efficient and effective care to their patients.

The Research Center for Best Practices in Health Delivery partners with prominent universities on research projects that provide a critical evaluation of the realities of the health sector of Central America and a more complete understanding of the management models and innovative projects most suited to the region’s needs.