Friends of Boulder Knoll

  • CT


United States

About Us

We are a non-profit organization in Cheshire, CT with the general mission of educating community members in the responsible uses of open space.

We want to foster preservation, respect, and celebration of our agriculture history, provide educational opportunities, preserve habitat, and enhance the health and welfare of our community.

Our Goals
  • To educate the local community on the responsible uses of open space
  • To provide education and information pertaining to the natural husbandry of the earth that is renewable, and sustainable
  • To demonstrate through pilot projects the feasibility and benefits of restoring local, ecological agriculture
  • To involve local people of all ages, abilities, and levels of experience in working with, understanding, and enjoying the land and its natural resources
  • To foster continuing preservation, respect, and celebration of the town’s agriculture history
  • To plan for the future health and welfare of the community
  • To reclaim and preserve habitat for indigenous plant and animal species
  • To create Boulder Knoll Community Farm
  • To donate a portion of our product to those in need