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About Us

Bacon's Rebellion, the Op-Ed page for Virginia's new economy, is a public policy focused electronic magazine. We reach approximately 20,000 people throughout the Commonwealth, focusing in on the issues facing Virginia, including: the environment, development and growth, transportation and education.

Our region, the Old Dominion, faces significant challenges. Our system of state and local government evolved hundreds of years ago to serve the needs of an agricultural society. Our institutions were updated to meet the demands of the industrial era, but they have not yet adapted to the requirements of fast-moving, digital technology in a globally competitive economy.

It’s time for Virginians to examine how a global economy and digital technologies have transformed our state, our communities and our institutions of governance. We must set new goals and higher standards. We must subject the actions and utterances of our political, civic and business leaders to a critical eye. Bacon’s Rebellion strives to provide a forum where that discourse can take place.