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About Us

Knowledge Commons DC: a free school for thinkers, doers, tinkerers and those passionate about something, anything and everything.

A new model for learning outside the box, classroom or lecture hall is making its way to DC. Knowledge Commons DC (KCDC) is a collaborative creative project instigated by local artists and arts organizations who believe in the idea that we can and should share our knowledge and experiences with one another.

KCDC’s first session will run from June 1st-June 30th 2011 at locations throughout the district including Provisions Library, Transformer, Honfleur Gallery, Hirshhorn Museum, and Pleasant Plains Workshop. But those spaces are just the beginning. We encourage prospective teachers to invite students to explore DC and its more unconventional locales. Whether your course takes place in a grocery store, park, art gallery or on the metro, we encourage teachers to imagine how space and place can be an integral component of how students experience their subject.

In a city saturated with the country’s leading experts on everything from central asian textiles to astrophysics, KCDC has the simple goal of connecting strangers with common curiosities in a way that unconventionally engages DC’s sites, citizens and resources.