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Mundo Exchange is an international non-profit cultural exchange organization (EIN#87-078132) officially designated in 2006. Our mission is transform the lives of children, families, and communities by tackling poverty and providing opportunities for equality. We want to improve cross cultural understanding while supporting local community driven projects and individuals through volunteerism and donations.

We partner with local Thai organizations and agencies to support community

development, family economic security, environmental care, and cultural

exchange. Mundo provides volunteer opportunities and for-credit internships for

adults of all ages at sites in northeastern Thailand. Family options are

also available. Mundo’s early projects focused on English language

learning, key to educational and economic empowerment for families in a region

burdened by poverty. Language teaching remains central for us. Volunteer

projects support children’s English learning in rural and village schools.

Volunteers also tutor Buddhist monks, nuns, and other adult learners through

the local Buddhist wats (temples). Volunteers may work in community services,

animal protection or wildlife conservation. Local clinics offer health-related

projects: supporting blind people’s independence, working with monks to provide

hospice care, or providing dental hygiene training and toothbrushes to school

children. We partner with schools to teach children how to care for plants and

animals in the reserves and lakes in the surrounding area. 

Through cooperation, cultural exchange, and educational opportunities, volunteers

will have a chance to immerse themselves in the foods, celebrations, and daily

life of Isaan. This part of Thailand has a unique culture, drawing upon Thai,

Lao, Vietnamese and Cambodian lifestyles. 

Patience, humor, and an open mind and heart are required volunteer skills. Otherwise, no skills are necessary other than willingness to try new activities such as practicing English conversation with excited Thai learners, working alongside

monks and nuns at the wat, or counting migratory birds on a local lake. 

This is a very rural, conservative area. Volunteers need to abide by local customs

concerning good manners and modest attire. Excessive drinking and partying is

not acceptable. We provide extensive cultural orientation covering expected

do's and don’ts.

Volunteers must be able to communicate in either English or Thai. Previous teaching or volunteer work is not necessary. If you would like to volunteer, but are under the age of 18, we would like to communicate with both you and your parent or guardian to make sure this will be a good experience for you and those with

whom you will volunteer. 

If you have special skills and are interested in putting those skills to work

(e.g., health professional, computer specialist, animal care) let us know and

we will try to arrange such a placement for you. If you are interested in

earning school credit as an intern for Mundo Exchange, with some supervisory and planning responsibilities, let us know that as well.

In Guatemala, sponsoring students, projects or visiting and volunteering on a

Mundo group volunteer trip is available. We match your skills with the needs of

our local communities. Included in the experience is an opportunity to learn

about local culture, history, natural resources, and language...


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