Social Startup Summit

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About Us

With a focus on creating socially-responsible ventures and following the un-conference model, The Social Startup Summit is a one-day, high-impact social entrepreneurship boot camp for high school students, held in four locations across the US annually. Fifty students come and pitch ideas for community service project, get in groups of 5 for the best pitch ideas, and work the whole day to develop a website, online media presences, and do final pitches to judges at the end of the day. The best pitch's team wins pro-bono consulting, free web and graphic design, and a micro-loan to jumpstart the project.

According to a recent Kauffman Foundation study, more than 25% of 8-21 year olds wish to start their own organizations. Thirty-seven percent of youth want to invent something. The Social Startup Summit nurtures independent thinking, creativity and innovation in giving youth a concrete time frame to create long-term community service projects that can grow into organizations. Unlike other programs, The Social Startup Summit does not simply lecture on skills needed to maintain a venture, but gives youth the tools to incubate a venture in one day.