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33 Britain St., 3rd floor
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About Us

Impact First International is the Canadian pioneer at combining microfinance and health to create a stronger impact on the well-being of communities.

Founded in 1982, Impact First has worked in remote and marginalized areas of 15 different countries.

VISION A world with equitable access to social and economic opportunities for all.

MISSION Impact First is committed to promoting the well-being of women and their communities in the developing world through integrated microfinance, health and basic education initiatives.

VALUES Entrepreneurship – We build our not-for-profit business by helping our beneficiaries all over the world build their own.

Passion – We care deeply about what we do, and put in the same effortsrequired of our beneficiaries.What is Impact?

Innovation – We work together with local leaders and communities to continually approach problems in new and unique ways.

Integrity – We operate with the highest ethical standards and in partnership with our supporters and beneficiaries. Respect – We value each stakeholder in a project and engage them at all stages to ensure success.

PRINCIPLES Impact First is a member of the Canadian Council for International Cooperation and adheres to the Council’s Code of Ethics.

STRATEGIC GOALS 1. Promote local economic development. 2. Improve maternal and newborn health. 3. Strengthen the capacity of local partner organizations. 4. Enhance public awareness and engagement.

We make gender a mainstream issue which is crosscutting in our work.