Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School

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About Us

School Mission: Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School (BMPCS) carries the vision of nurturing a love of learning in a small, family-like environment by providing an extraordinary and proven Montessori public school experience for families living in Baltimore City.

Our mission is to build a diverse and respectful community of joyfully engaged learners by providing a holistic Montessori environment that supports individual fulfillment, compassion, self-discipline, life-long learning and a deep awareness of our responsibility to contribute meaningfully to our world.

Volunteer Program: Volunteer activities support program goals of growing food, increasing children’s food literacy, greening our environment, and promoting ethical environmentally-sustainable decisions. Projects comprise a crucial component of our Nutrition and Greening program at Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School. Volunteers help maintain the on-site urban farm/playground and provide practical demonstrations for the children.