Ogiek Cultural Initiatives Program

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PO Box 226
Narok, Kenya


About Us

Our Organization , Ogiek Cultural Initiatives Programs, is a non-profit NGO, Registered in Kenya. The Mission is to Promote, Protect Rights, Empower and build capacity of Indigenous peoples through Education, Environmental conservation, human rights training and research.  What we do:
1. Promotion of ideas, Techniques and initiatives on  income generating activities, Cultural preservation, and sound Environmental management.
2. Promotion of gender and human rights issues.
3. Awareness and Advocacy on HIV/AIDS  maternal health Care and related diseases.
Advocacy through workshops, Conference and  other forums where  interests of indigenous and Minority peoples are Defended and supported.
4. Networking and information sharing between the indigenous peoples of Africa and other indigenous communities worldwide through electronic and print media.
5. Promotion of Advancement of indigenous Journalist by training them to cover and highlight the plight of indigenous and minority communities.