Resident Association of Greater Englewood

  • IL


6623 S. Union Ave.
United States

About Us

The mission of the Resident Association of Greater Englewood is to mobilize people and resources to force a change in the community by breaking down barriers in communication and promoting positivity through solution-based approaches.


Residents in Englewood feel enraged: We are upset about the ways our community is portrayed in the media and we are frustrated with the current conditions of our neighborhood, despite the abundant presence of churches, non-profits, and social service agencies. In late 2010, several residents living in Greater Englewood decided to take matters into their own hands. Through their fellowship, R.A.G.E. was soon created.

The Resident Association of Greater Englewood represents new leadership within the community. This resident-funded and resident-led association consists of members who reside in all 6 wards of the Greater Englewood area. R.A.G.E. members are homeowners, stakeholders, business owners, professionals, students, parents and grandparents fighting against the stereotypes that often stigmatize Englewood.