Haverhill's Brightside, Inc.

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About Us

Haverhill's Brightside is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, governed by a board of directors, working in partnership with the city of Haverhill. We are staffed solely by volunteers. All of our organization's funding comes from private donations, fund-raising and grants.

Haverhill's Brightside was inspired by a trip taken by one of the original members of the board of directors who traveled to Louisville, Kentucky. She was so impressed with the beautiful downtown area that she made it a point to find out how it was accomplished. It was the Louisville city program called Brightside. Elaine studied their program and brought that knowledge and inspiration home and founded Haverhill's Brightside. See our Mission Statement

In 1995, a part-time Director's position, was incorporated into the city budget and in 2000, the position became full time. In 2003, strained city finances forced the position to be dropped and the Director's position was barely sustained via fundraising and grants for three more years. In spite of the constant uncertainty, Haverhill's Brightside produced their most bountiful contributions to the City of Haverhill in their history.

Today, Haverhill's Brightside is blossoming anew. A new base of volunteers has resurrected the organization and hope to once again render the City of Haverhill a shining example of how we can look on the Brightside.

Haverhill's Brightside is a member of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce. Both organizations work together to urge businesses to encourage environmental involvement through coordinated cleanup, beautification and tree-planting projects.