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About Us

The COAR Peace Mission strives to promote the Gospel values of justice, community, and peace in El Salvador through the support of effective programs in health, education, and welfare, which assist children and others, not only to develop their own full human potential, but also to contribute to the betterment of the world in which they live.

Our mission is carried out through the support of The Community of Oscar Arnulfo Romero (COAR) Children’s Village, located in Zaragoza, El Salvador. COAR is the regional parochial school for 600 impoverished children (K-12), foster care for 100 abandoned children, a medical and dental clinic for 20-50 impoverished patients daily, a pharmacy and lab. It is an agency of the Archdiocese of San Salvador. COAR was founded by a Cleveland priest in 1980. His original outreach office in Cleveland, OH (COAR Peace Mission) is the soul source of funding for the mission.