Israel Arts and Science Academy (Jerusalem, Israel)

About Us

Opened in 1990, the Academy brings together students with leadership potential from every segment of the Israeli population. Admission to the Academy is based on merit alone.

OVER a hundred Israeli communities are currently represented by the 207 students at the Academy. They are religious and secular Jews, Israeli Arabs, immigrants and native-born citizens from kibbutzim, moshavim, cities and villages. These students are enthusiastic, idealistic and especially interested in the world around them.

IASA was created for youngsters who are talented and have ability and special interest in one or more of seven fields: Music, mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, computer sciences and the plastic (visual) arts. The main criteria for admission are primarily depth and extent of curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and high motivation. The curricula developed especially for the school provide the students with advanced and updated knowledge in their special fields, as well as curricula in the humanities and the social sciences, which are common to all disciplines.

THE ACADEMY, the most integrated high school in Israel, is among the first of its kind in the world to integrate youngsters highly gifted in the arts and sciences in one school, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary education.

COMMUNITY SERVICE is a major emphasis at the Academy. Students are taught that they have a constant responsibility to the community and that they can make a positive difference in society. In addition to community service outside the school, life in the Academy's dormitory setting requires student involvement in the daily operation of certain aspects of the institution.

THE UNIQUENESS of IASA lies in the character and methodology of its teachers, the special curricula developed for it, the integration of formal education with dormitory life and the nature of its student body. Academy graduates will be the pace setters of Israel in science, art, music, public every aspect of life.