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About Us

Husambae project is a registered non-profit making organization with the mission of educating the vulnerable orphans and supporting widows whom some are HIV/AIDS.We volunteer support to the needy vulerable orphans and widows.The project was registered with the ministry of Gender social and services and operate within Nayanza and western provinces.

The project inted to network with other organizations,volunteers,wellwishers who are ready and willing to change the lives of the vulnerable orphans and widows within the catchment area of the project operation.We are curently having 106 widows we support in the project whom most of them are HIV/AIDS Positive,325 volunerable children whom some are also HIV+ and most of them ,their parents died of HIV/AIDS and we take care of them ,take them to schools.The project wishes after having problem with the sick transporting them to Hospitals which are very far from their villages and we luck vehicle for transporting them,maybe sometimes there is a lot of rainfall which cause delay for on the way and most of them lose lives on the way to hospitals,Luck of children home to keep them together,luck of enough food,clothes,and others.

Husambae Community based organization is currently requesting volunteers,wellwishers,Donors,organizations to help us raise funds to support these members of the project have a home for the children,food,drugs,and others.Currently there is a lot of rainfall and our people suffer a lot.Our budget for now to start is $ 8500 only and we have also have a volunteer who has accepted to donate three computers for the children.We call upon anyone to help us.

Our A/C Details for the project are as follows;

1 .Bank Name; National bank of Kenya LTD

2. Branch; Kisumu

3. Swift Code; NBKEKENXXX

4. A/C NO; 0124827068400

5. A/C Name; Husambae Community Based Organization

6. Po box 7108-40100 Kisumu-Kenya

We will highly thank you so much for your generous support to these needy and sick people of husambae.You can also feel free to contact Executive Director should you have any question,or want to donate some materials for the group or anything on Email; OR call direct cell +254720606352

Thank you so much and may GOD bless you so much.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Joseph Bole,

Project Director,



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Donate to Total Vulnerable orphans,HIV/AIDS and Widows in Husambae Community Based Organization (Volunteer Opportunity)

Donate to Total Vulnerable orphans,HIV/AIDS and Widows in Husambae Community Based Organization (Volunteer Opportunity)