CJ's Journey

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Saint Louis
United States

About Us

Christopher Jonathon Gabriel Aubuchon began his new journey with God and the angels on Saturday May 16, 2009. After a long fight with cancer, CJ Aubuchon died peacefully at his home surrounded by his family on Saturday afternoon. Only 19 years old, CJ touched so many lives and filled hope in everyone’s hearts. He was a beautiful person who shared much joy, wisdom, and hope with others. His passion and courage will continue to remain in our hearts forever. Through his battle with cancer, CJ always has a smile on his face. It is because of this smile, we continue on the journey with smiles on our faces and hope to stand behind us. CJ was able to participate in many activites; from soccer to tennis to art to cars. It is our hope to bring a smile to a teen's life by providing them with the same activities CJ enjoyed.