Armenian Volunteer Corps

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About Us

Founded in 2000, the Armenian Volunteer Corps (AVC) is the premiere volunteer organization in Armenia. A registered non-profit foundation in Armenia, AVC affords individuals aged 21 and up the opportunity to live and work in Armenia for service terms as short as 1 month, to as long as 1 year. If you are over 32 and have 5 years professional experience, you can join AVC Professional Corps for a minimum service term of 2 weeks.

AVC provides innumerable service opportunities in and out of the capital, Yerevan. AVC matches your skills, expertise and interests with the needs of Armenian organizations and communities in fields such as agriculture, engineering, health, architecture, education, journalism, business, marketing, community development, environmental sciences, arts and culture, public policy, and zoology, to name but a few. Whether you're looking for a professional internship or just want to do good, AVC has a match for you!

AVC's motto – Come Move Mountains – is achieved each day by the extraordinary efforts of our dedicated volunteers.