Pet Pride of New York

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7731 Victor Mendon Road
Victor NY 14564
New York
United States

About Us

We find new homes for abandoned cats. We help with cats that become homeless when their owners relocate. We take in kittens, their momma cats, and any of our previously adopted cats, should an owner no longer be able to care for his/her cat.

When needed, we spay or neuter any stray cat we accept. However, when you adopt an un-neutered kitten, you are financially responsible for getting the kitten neutered when it is old enough. There is a deposit that is refunded if you present proof of spay/neuter.

We provide all required health care, good food and rehabilitation for cats that have been abused. We handle our cats every day and let them loose in the shelter to play and socialize.

We do not kill what we have in order to make room for more. Euthanasia only becomes necessary when cats are injured beyond positive repair or when they have terminal leukemia (which is contagious and a threat to other cats in any colony). Sometimes, death is kinder than life for the injured, or sick cat. Our veterinarians help us make these decisions. 

Pet Pride of New York has been a legal 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization since 1977. Since 2000, we have had our own shelter and office building on fifteen wooded acres in the town of Victor, NY.

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