Pet Pride of New York

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About Us

Our Mission

Provide shelter and care for as many homeless or unwanted cats as possible without overcrowding, in a facility suited to the cat's age and condition.

Adopt cats into new and loving homes where they will receive the care and attention they need for the rest of their lives.

Provide immediate and preventive health care for all cats in our care including testing for feline leukemia and vaccination against diseases.

Provide neutering and spaying of adult cats in our care.

Euthanize only those cats received in pain and suffering if the prognosis is judged to be hopeless or unnecessarily debilitating. Victims of accidents or abuse will be carefully examined by a veterinarian before this final step.

Never kill because it is cheaper than to feed or to make room for more adoptable incoming cats.

Eliminate the unwanted cat by taking him out of that category forever. Our adoption contracts include the provision for returning the animal in an extenuating circumstance so that the cat never again finds himself without a home