Southwest Solutions

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United States

About Us

SWCS’ mission, vision and values are at the core of our existence and are meant to convey our purpose and identity, give a clear view of the organization’s long-term direction, keep the actions of all employees pointed toward the same goal, and prepare us for the future.

Our Vision

Leading the way in building a health community

Our Mission

Improving the well being of individuals, families and the community.

Our Values


  • Honor the contributions of others
  • Appreciate and accept another’s point of view
  • We will welcome all individuals into the organization and will not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, beliefs, age, and disability
  • Treat people with dignity
  • We will establish relationships based on honesty and trust


  • To be available to serve our clients and customers by showing up on time and being prepared
  • To complete agreed upon tasks on time
  • To participate as committed members of our teams
  • To reconcile conflicts and differences around interpersonal and business issues
  • To identify and participate in continuing education necessary to meet the needs of customers and clients
  • To continuously strive to provide the highest quality service as demonstrated by data and client feedback
  • To acknowledge the achievements of co-workers
  • To advocate within the agency, community, and larger systems for our clients and customers
  • To provide culturally competent services in order to meet the needs of our diverse community


  • We believe that our clients can make choices which produce healthy and productive lives. We promote this through: collaborative/supportive relationships with clients, family and community agencies
  • Person-centered planning is the core of recovery focused training
  • Creative/innovative programs that support healthy and productive lives
  • Building on individual strengths
  • Actively linking clients to community supports
  • Provide training that promotes recovery