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About Us

In 2019, CultureStrike and CEL Education Fund (CELEF) merged to become The Center for Cultural Power, a home for artists, storytellers, thinkers, and leaders fighting for social change. The Center for Cultural Power will help build an ecosystem in which artists and activists can work together and win.

About The Center for Cultural Power

Every moment of major social change requires a collective leap of imagination. Political transformation must be accompanied not just by spontaneous and organized expressions of unrest and risk, but by an explosion of mass creativity.

- Jeff Chang, Board Member and CultureStrike Co-Founder

Culture is dynamic; it is an ever-evolving construct in which we live our lives. Culture drives economics and it drives politics. Yet, much of the narrative framing and embedded “culture wars” over the last few decades have been led by political think tanks, media conglomerates, foreign governments, corporate interests, and other institutions interested in maintaining their hold on power. These structures create culture in the same way they govern: top-down to manipulate individuals through fear and misperception.

Those of us who believe in justice and liberation have just as much ability to impact culture and corresponding social behavior, if not more. But we need to do so in a way that aligns with our own values and is strategically effective. By investing in the creation of a multiplicity of stories and ideas, and by seeding inspirational and aspirational narratives, we can upend the status quo - and the dominant narrative that props and maintains it.

The Center for Cultural Power will organize around three key strategies;

  • Activate artists and storytellers in envisioning justice, collaborating with social movements, and create avenues for their stories to disrupt.
  • Incubate artist leaders, projects, and ideas.
  • Organize artists to build power and transform the cultural landscape to be more equitable.

A national organization led largely by artists and practitioners of color working strategically toward social justice, we know that for culture change to be innovative and responsive, we need a stable infrastructure that is just, inclusive, safe and explicitly advocates for participation of marginalized populations and future artists and cultural innovators. We will foster a cultural ecosystem that supports today’s established and emerging voices, and creates pathways for a new generation to firmly claim their place as actively enfranchised participants in the building of a thriving democratic culture and society.

About CEL Education Fund

From 2008 to 2016, CELEF (aka Citizen Engagement Laboratory) provided nonprofit infrastructure and incubation support to projects and social justice leaders who use media and technology to amplify progressive solutions. Through comprehensive strategy support, organizational development, acceleration services, and other critical elements, CELEF invested in building 21st Century organizing institutions. CELEF helped dozens of social entrepreneurs – most of them women and people of color – turn their ideas into impactful organizations and initiatives.

About CultureStrike

CultureStrike is a national organization that empowers artists and social justice movements to dream big, disrupt the status quo, and envision a world grounded in shared humanity through art. We leverage the power of culture and creativity to transform sentiment about immigration and racial justice, honor our environment, and promote cultural equity.

As an artist-centered organization, we believe that the culture workers and storytellers most negatively impacted by policies, structures, and the inequitable distribution of resources, must be a central part of a narrative and cultural strategy that makes the status quo more equitable. Art and storytelling help drive and shape the public imagination, and can constitute the very foundation for a mass cultural movement that is intersectional, transformative, and drives long-lasting shifts toward justice.

In 2019, CultureStrike and CEL Education Fund (CELEF) merged to become The Center for Cultural Power, a home for artists, storytellers, thinkers, and leaders fighting for social change. The Center for Cultural Power will help build an ecosystem…

Issue Areas Include

  • Arts & Music
  • Climate Change
  • Human Rights & Civil Liberties
  • Race & Ethnicity

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