Family Promise of Harrisburg Capitol Region

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About Us

Family Promise of Harrisburg Capital Region (FPHCR) is a nonprofit agency to serve families who recently lost their homes. We are one of over 160 Family Promise affiliates in 39 states. Over 110,000 volunteers serve in Family Promise affiliates nationwide.

Each Family Promise affiliate operates a program called an Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN).

IHNs have five parts:

1) Evening Host Congregations: Each team of 13 congregations takes turns providing on-site lodging, meals and hospitality for three to four displaced families at a time. Every congregation in the team serves four times per year, for one week each time, on their own church (or synagogue, temple, etc.) property. Some congregations have partner congregations as well. Partner congregations assist with filling those volunteer responsibilities at the host congregation but do not host at their own church. For a list of our involved congregations, please click on "Partners".

2) Evening Volunteers: Volunteers provide a variety of services: cooking and serving meals, playing with children, helping with homework, and staying overnight. This is a chance for helping hands of all ages to live out their faith in a practical and rewarding way.

3) Day Center: The Day Center houses our regional Family Promise office. It is the "home base" for our families. It is where everyone showers, does laundry, and gets ready for school or work. It is staffed by professional social services personnel, who generally get our families back on track to their own homes in 90 days or less.

4) 14 Passenger Van: Each day, the van transports our families to and from the day center and the current week’s evening host congregation. Each weekend, the van takes everyone to the next week’s evening host congregation.

5) Funding and Support: It takes $70 to $90 to cover daily costs for one displaced family. We rely on the generosity of individuals, congregations, companies, and foundations to fund and support us. We invite you to give a "hand up" to parents and kids who are currently without homes.