Balaju Boharatar


About Us

OCEAN Nepal wants to have same rights for those orphans who were poor and non-touchable in the society. On the concept of nepal has cast system and grading of cast. There are many cast who are not touchabel in society. So oceannepal wnats to give same rights to children who is the base of countary. so, That is not the aim of the children so that OCEAN Nepal wants to have similarity of them to live in this society.

• Overall higher child literacy and education standards throughout Nepal ;

• Proper health care for all of the children;

• Equal opportunity for a better future and human rights for every orphan

• Children and family self-sustainability, and independence through awareness and development

• Development programs by the foreign volunteer and OCEAN Nepal.


Orphan and Children Education Association of New Nepal is a not-for-profit and Non-Government Organization (NGO) established in 2005. It is a legal entity registered in the District Administration Office in Kathmandu under the Organization Administration Act of 2034 B.S (CDO registration #95 – 2062/2063), and is also affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (affiliation #18314).

OCEAN Nepal came into being in reaction to the changing political situation in Nepal . Violent incidents and internal conflict are terrorizing Nepal 's western region, often leaving children from poverty stricken homes orphaned and homeless. OCEAN Nepal has set up an orphanage for victims of the conflict and of course for the poor and helpless orphans. The first priority is the immediate need for food and shelter. But it is well known that 'band aid' emergency relief is not enough for breaking out of the poverty cycle.

OCEAN Nepal is committed that healthy children, unburdened by poverty at home, have a better focus for learning and can make the most of their opportunities. Through education, children can play an active role in shaping their own lives, contribute to their community and promote changes to benefit their country.

As a newly set up organization we had help from a Dutch volunteer and we could able to give then basic needs and the contributions of MR Mountain Treks and Expedition agency in Galkhopakha Thamel, Kathmandu. This is, however, not a sustainable situation, especially given that the youngest of the children is only four years old, and we aim to support all children until they have reached adulthood.

In addition, all of our future projects will require continuous financial support from volunteers and members of the organization.