Savanna Institute

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United States

About Us

The Savanna Institute (SI) was formed in 2013 as a daughter organization of the Restoration Agriculture Institute with the mission of carrying out formal case studies of savanna-based Restoration Agriculture systems across the Midwest.

We are currently working with farmers across the region to prepare for the first iteration of the Savanna Institute Case Study Program in 2014. The SI Case Study Program explores the potential of savanna-based systems to become ecologically sound, agriculturally productive, and economically viable alternatives to the corn-soybean rotation that currently dominates agriculture in the Midwestern United States.

Quantitatively evaluate the growth, yield, economics, and environmental sustainability of savanna-based Restoration Agriculture systems across the Midwest.

Develop best practices for agronomic and economic management of savanna-based Restoration Agriculture systems.

Share data and information about savanna-based Restoration Agriculture systems with the Midwestern agricultural community.

Connect case study farmers with each other, the broader Restoration Agriculture community, and their local communities.