Our Community Place

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17 East Johnson St
United States

About Us

A Little History

In 1992, Ron Copeland started closing the Little Grill Restaurant every Monday in order to host a cooperative community meal called The Free Food For All Soup Kitchen. Anyone in the world was welcome and meals were served family-style.

During the 90’s, folks involved in the Soup Kitchen got together and started a non-profit organization called Our Community Place (OCP) in order to buy a nearby property, move out of the Little Grill, and create a community center that would be welcoming to all.  

In 2001, OCP purchased the old Salvation Army building on the corner of E. Johnson and N. Main St. Renovation lasted seven and a half years as funds and/or volunteer labor allowed. Countless individuals, church and civic groups, and contractors donated time, materials, and money.  

OCP opened in August of 2008 and immediately began welcoming anyone in the world.   

Why does OCP exist?

To cultivate a community of restoration and hope.

What are our core values?

We are ready to welcome anyone who walks in the door

We believe in the inherent dignity and value of all people


We seek to build an atmosphere of love, safety, education, spiritual awareness, healing, and fun – a place where treat each other with dignity and respect and where anyone in the world is welcome to help or participate. 

The four original stated purposes of Our Community Place:

· To accommodate, foster, and provide activities and programs related to personal growth and community well-being

· To be a resource in the community for individuals seeking information or services already provided by other organizations

· To educate and empower individuals toward self-sufficiency, thus creating social capital for the community at large

· To nurture a community that appreciates diversity and sees differences and conflict as opportunities for spiritual growth