Street Level Health Project/Proyecto de Salud para Tod@s

  • California


3125 East 15th Street
United States

About Us

Street Level Health Project is an Oakland-based community center dedicated to improving the wellbeing of underinsured, uninsured, and recently arrived immigrants in Alameda County.

1.     We provide safety net services for immigrant communities to ensure equitable health access for the uninsured.

2.     We tackle institutional and systemic barriers to create an inclusive society that honors the historical contributions of immigrant communities.

3.     We address income security to empower low-income contingent workers and reduce health disparities associated with unemployment and underemployment.

Through a Whole Person Care Model, SLHP's Health Access Program supports clients in reducing their incidence of preventable malnutrition and chronic illness by providing free twice weekly: health screenings and integrative episodic care, drop-in health navigation supports, and on-site health enrollment. Our integrative approach provides patient centered wrap around services which include behavioral health, nutrition consultations, and social services that promote access to effective efficient resources which improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable in Alameda County.

In alliance with our health access program, Street Level Health Project also has an Immigration Rights and Empowerment program and is home to our Oakland Worker's Collective. As one of the few organizations targeting Day Laborers in Oakland, our innovative outreach model pairs community health workers and employment specialists to engage disconnected workers in addressing social determinants of health. Our program’s effectiveness over the last 14 years is rooted in providing holistic supports that address the overall wellness of our individual members. The model pays attention to basic needs, professional development and a popular education approach to civic engagement. Political advocacy that supports long-term, systems-changes, such as enforcing the minimum wage standards, promoting immigration reform, increasing access to California driver’s licenses, and informing progressive policy change that promotes wellness and security for day laborers and low wage workers.