San Francisco Estuary Institute

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4911 Central Ave
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About Us

What Do We Do?

We help define environmental problems, advance public debate about them through sound science, and support consensus-based solutions that improve environmental planning, management, and policy development.

How Do We Operate?

We provide impartial scientific interpretations and neither take sides on environmental issues nor have any political or financial interest in the outcomes of research and monitoring data.

What Do We Emphasize?

  • Broad, regional benefit to multiple stakeholders, developed in close communication with environmental managers and policy-makers
  • Facilitation and development of scientific frameworks for addressing management issues based on sound peer-reviewed scientific protocols and dialogue between regulated entities, regulators, and policy-makers
  • Involvement of technical leaders from other organizations to accelerate broad adoption of innovative methodologies and application of advances in understanding
  • Development of scientific tools for evaluating policy alternatives to share with public agencies, and other stakeholders
  • Making complex scientific information accessible and understandable to non-technical audiences