CAN Fútbol Foundation

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Oak Ridge, Roatan


About Us

"Empowering the world's youth through sports and education."

The CAN Fútbol Foundation is a not for profit organization that believes that the fútbol or soccer has the capacity to transcend socioeconomic status and bring people together in a way that is conducive to promoting development in children and their communities.

Through our program CANFF supports at-risk youth to develop the education, life skills, and the self-confidence that they need to improve their own communities and to be the masters of their own destinies. We are currently supporting over 200 student-athletes on the island of Roatan, Honduras.

How do we do it?

We have created a system that uses the power of sports as a way to fight off the trends of delinquency that are sadly becoming more common throughout much of Latin America. By working directly with the teachers, communities leaders, and organizations across the globe we have constructed a program that facilitates the development of each of our student-athletes.

We support them by:

  • Employing a full-time coach that organizes the teams, teaches them the game, and mentors them in the area of life skills.
  • Bringing volunteers and experts to the community that help with service projects, teach English as a Second Language classes, etc.
  • Providing them with soccer equipment and gear (jerseys, cleats, etc.)
  • Financing the costs of the youth teams.
  • Helping students study for their courses.

In return all student-athletes must:

  • Retain a 80% or higher grade rating in school.
  • Refrain from drugs, alcohol, and crime.
  • Participate in community service projects.
  • Demonstrate good character on the field, in the classroom, and through out the community.

If you would like to learn more about CANFF, please visit our website at You can also find us on Twitter (@CANFutbol) or on Facebook (CAN Fútbol Foundation/).