Forward Ever Sustainable Business Alliance

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59 Lincoln Park
Suite 375
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About Us

Forward Ever is a LOCAL FIRST organization that amplifies the voice and collective economic impact of Newark's small local, independently owned businesses and social enterprises.

Our movement supports a community of innovators and independent businesses that are looking to become best in class triple bottom line businesses.

Our overarching goal is to rebuild the economy from the ground up, bringing LOCAL businesses together to advance economic and environmental sustainability, resilience, and economic inclusion bringing real prosperity to our community. 

We are dedicated to creating a future where residents and businesses collaborate to reduce energy consumption, adopt recycling and waste reduction strategies, shift their shopping to Shop Newark first, hire locals first, and reinvest the dollars in their own community revitalization. 

We understand that building a strong local economy means building an equitable economy. The focus of our work is to increase the operational capacity of small businesses to: 1) become more sustainable; 2) implement better business practices; 3) access local procurement opportunities, and 4) develop supportive eco-systems. 

Our Mission is "to provide a support network for local independently-owned businesses that facilitate cooperative promotion and purchasing, rebuilds local supply chains and food systems, and leads to " Buy Local" initiatives, sustainable communities, job creation, for local, independently owned businesses in the Greater Newark area. 

Our Vision is to create dynamic collaborations that expand economic self-reliance, job

creation and a sustainable local economy where local businesses are prosperous and contribute

to a healthy environment and the wealth and well-being of all citizens.