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United Kingdom

About Us

Work&Teach aims to bring the worlds of education and work tangibly closer together, to the benefit of both. It is an innovative social enterprise supported by the Young Foundation Learning Launchpad and the Edge Foundation to encourage and enable enterprising individuals from industry, business and the professions to teach in schools and colleges part-time. This will bring a different type of person into the classroom, on a flexible basis, contextualising the curriculum and delivering cutting-edge practical skills. Committed participants pass on their knowledge and expertise whilst still continuing in their chosen career, developing their own potential in the process.

After some initial research and planning, Work&Teach has reached a stage where the model needs to be finalised, tested and scaled up. This will involve an objective assessment of the business opportunity, the development of a workable model, business planning, piloting, evaluation then sustainable funding. Although there is no funding for salaries or expenses at this early stage, it is expected that Work&Teach will generate a sustainable income in the future and some initial start up funding has already been secured.