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About Us

At IMPACT Boston, our organizational approach focuses on teaching personal safety and self-defense in a way that supports body-oriented healing and overall wellness. Our organizational philosophy emphasizes social change, abuse prevention, healing, empowerment, awareness and sensitivity to students' histories of trauma. We help people develop confidence and the ability to communicate and advocate for themselves effectively when they feel fear. Classes are taught by a team of two instructors, one of whom takes on the role of a perpetrator. This instructor wears a full suit of body armor so students can safely defend themselves using the same force needed in a real attack. Through repeated practice of fighting full-force in an adrenalized state, students learn to respond effectively to realistic situations of threat, intimidation and imminent danger. IMPACT teaches classes for all ages, genders, sizes, and abilities, and has specialized curriculum for homeless parents, people with disabilities, LGBTQ-identified persons, and abuse survivors.