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About Us

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation (GPRF) was created in 1984 as a charitable, non-profit organization to honor the memory of George Pocock and his contributions to the sport of rowing and to develop rowing throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Foundation’s purposes are to foster national and international competition by supporting the identification, education, training and development of amateur athletes ranging in age from youth to masters; advocate for the creation of training centers and competitive venues, and develop and support programs that utilize rowing to promote physical health, character development, and educational achievement.

Over the last 25 years, the GPRF has served these purposes by building a strong and well functioning community rowing center, the Pocock Rowing Center, and creating such lasting outreach programs as the Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program, which uses rowing to inspire at-risk youth to meet their academic potential. The outreach “division” of the GPRF continues to pursue the goal of making rowing more accessible to youth and adults throughout the Northwest. Current initiatives include the Row to the Future youth programs, the Kossev Consortium coaching education program, and the Duwamish Rowing Project.

Row to the Future (RttF) is a youth development initiative of the George Pocock Rowing Foundation that uses rowing to inspire youth to become healthy and active members of their communities. Row to the Future leverages school and community partnerships to create an innovative network of youth programming that improves access to area boathouses and waterways and empowers students to make healthier lifestyle choices now and in the future. It is a new model for urban youth sports – connecting public schools, private boathouses, and community spaces for recreation to bring students from all backgrounds together.