International Social Service, USA Branch

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22 Light St.
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United States

About Us

The mission of International Social Service - United States of America Branch (ISS-USA) is to improve the lives of children, adults and families affected by migration, and international and humanitarian crises by providing high quality social services, promoting advances in service and knowledge, and advocating for laws and policies that guarantee their rights and ensure their protections.
ISS-USA provides inter-country social work services to resolve socio-legal problems of an international character. ISS-USA advocates on both international and national levels for conventions, laws and policies that protect children and families. The agency provides consultation and training to professional groups on a wide range of issues affecting children and families. Working with its global partners in over 100 countries, ISS-USA develops programming to address the specific needs of orphaned, separated and unaccompanied children, acting on our common charge to promote program development and policy reform based on the findings of social work practice.