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About Us

Results for America is the leading non-profit working to improve outcomes for young people, their families, and communities by shifting public resources toward programs and practices that use evidence and data to improve quality and get better results. Beyond scaling individual programs, Results for America seeks to drive broader systems change so that “investing in what works” becomes the new norm for allocating public dollars.

Results for America is building on existing momentum at the federal, state, local, and international levels, with a three-pronged strategy to:

  • Support select Government leaders to successfully implement evidence-based funding practices, increasing government effectiveness and transparency to improve outcomes for their residents;
  • Develop and drive acceptance for Standards of Excellence in evidence-based policy and policy implementation at the Federal, state and local levels;
  • Catalyze a strong, bi-partisan, cross-sector coalition of leaders who are strongly committed to an “invest in what works” policy agenda and are willing to use their time and resources to press government to use data and evidence to make better budget, policy, and management decisions.

Since its launch in 2012, Results for America has successfully shifted over $2.5 Billion of government funding to evidence-based programs; built a large bipartisan coalition of Moneyball for Government champions, with more than 120 leaders at the Federal, state and local levels; created a highly effective communications campaign that has raised the awareness and credibility of evidence-based funding; and, in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, launched What Works Cities to support 100 mid-sized use data and evidence to improve residents’ lives. Now, after this tremendous start up period, Results for America is poised for its next phase of growth.