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About Us

Action For Nature (AFN) is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that encourages young people to take personal action to nurture and protect a healthy environment on which all life depends.

Every year Action For Nature sponsors the International Young Eco-Hero Awards, which recognize accomplishments of young people (ages 8 - 16) whose personal actions have significantly improved the environment. Award recipients receive up to $500 cash, an award certificate, and other forms of recognition.

NOW TAKING AWARD APPLICATIONS! The application deadline for the 2012 awards is January 15, 2012.

AFN has published the book "Acting for Nature," which tells the stories of "ordinary" youth around the world who have taken "extraordinary" steps to defend the environment.

The young people who contribute their stories, pictures, insights, and achievements are at the heart of what Action For Nature stands for. We believe young peoples’ insight, energy, and ideas are too valuable to be ignored. With this in mind, we created the Eco-Hero awards which give young people both the motivation and the means to continue creating positive change for the natural world.

Although the Eco-Heroes we work with vary in age, nationality, ethnicity, and area of interest, they have a few important things in common: they all possess curiosity about the natural world, desire to work seriously, and a vision for a better future. Action For Nature seeks to inspire and promote these values for years to come.