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About Us

Mission: PennPAC's mission is to create socially beneficial impact by utilizing the intellectual talents and professional skills of University of Pennsylvania alumni to assist nonprofit organizations with their business and management needs.

Description: PennPAC enables nonprofits to receive an outside perspective, access skill sets that may not exist within their own organizations, relieve strain on internal resources and/or complete strategic projects beyond day-to-day operations.

PennPAC enables Univesity of Pennsylvania alumni to apply their talents and skills in a meaningful way, gain new skills while supporting deserving organizations, and meet and network with other Penn alumni of all ages and backgrounds.

PennPAC projects last between 8 and 10 weeks and culminate with a team presentation of conclusions and recommendations to the nonprofit. PennPAC teams are comprised of 6 volunteer-consultants who are alumni of the University of Pennsylvania. Given a very specific project scope devised by PennPAC together with the nonprofit, each project team member spends a few hours a week on the assigned project.

Project areas span a wide range: arts and culture; environment; health, welfare and social services; youth services, etc. The project scope depends on the nonprofit and can cover one of several fields including strategy, finance, management, budgeting and technology. Past projects are detailed on the PennPAC website: