Bukit Lawang Trust

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Dudun III
Timbang Jaya
Bukit Lawang


About Us

The Bukit Lawang Trust runs an Education Centre which hosts a free daily kindergarten,  English classes for children aged between 5-13 and English and Conservation education classes for adults.

We are looking for volunteer teachers, any subject is welcome although English and Conservation education are the main areas we focus on.  

This is due to the proximity of the magnificent but sadly vulnerable Gunung Leuseur national park which is a last remaining stronghold for the Sumatran Orangutan, Rhino and other flora and fauna. A high percentage of the local community depend on the tourist industry here and Jungle guides in particular need to speak good conversational English to inform tourists about the ecology of the park and why/how it needs to be protected.

Accommodation and food are provided on site at the centre which hosts comfortable living facilities (own double room; indonesian style shower and western toilets;free WIFI; relaxing roof top space with hammock).

 The trust is maintained through it's own and volunteers fund raising alone. We pay fulltime salaries for 7 local staff, the utilities and maintainence for the building and provide free transport for the children. Hence we encourage volunteers to fundraise where possible to contribute to the upkeep of the trust.

Weekends are free for volunteers to relax and explore the local and surrounding area. There is ample opportunity to experience the jungle with its orangutans and other amazing tropical fauna and flora.
Activities include jungle trekking, rafting down the river, kayaking, wood carving.

Teachers have a unique opportunity to become part of the local community, experience living as the locals do and know that the teaching they do is highly valued and worthwhile.

Please look at our web site for further information www.bukitlawangtrust.org and our face book page - Bukit Lawang Trust