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About Us

The YWCA of San Diego County helps women, children and families break the cycle of domestic violence and homlessnes.

In the last 30 years, the YWCA has provided its services to over 135,000 people. Last year, the YWCA helped over 4,000 individuals, mostly women and children, to regain their power and start new lives.

Domestic Violence and Homelessness in San Diego County

Currently, one in four women is a victim of domestic violence in this country. That equates to approximately 288,949 victims in San Diego County. In 2010, 9 women died at the hands of a “loved one” (confirmed to date – this number may change). There has been an increase of 11% in the number of domestic violence incidences inSan DiegoCounty since the decline of the economy.

There are 8,802 people who are currently homeless in San Diego County, an increase of 3.3% from last year. There are 4,758 people who are unable to find shelter. The percentage of women and children who are now homeless has increased by 7.8% over the last year, and families now make up 40% of the homeless population. The number of homeless families has soared during this economic downturn by 30% since 2007.

As a society, it is up to us and our collective power to prevent suffering and death. If we can eliminate homelessness and violence against women and children, then we all will prosper. More community resources will be devoted to things that benefit all of society. Lives are not only saved, but improved. Individuals gain confidence, independence, achievement, and success. New paths are explored, and doors are opened.

About the YWCA

  • We have the largest number of emergency shelter and transitional housing beds in the county, with 47 and 85 respectively, for women and children escaping domestic violence.
  • We are the only domestic violence shelter that takes people in at all hours of the day and night and on weekends (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year).
  • We provide trauma-informed services to our residents. Each staff member incorporates knowledge about trauma in all aspects of service delivery, is hospitable and engaging for survivors, minimizes recurring victimization, and facilitates recovery.
  • In our full range of services, we provide things such as transportation subsidies, diapers, and cell phones.
  • All children are able to accompany their mothers to our shelter and transitional housing. Family members are not separated by gender or age
  • We provide the only comprehensive program inSan DiegoCounty for single homeless women that includes counseling services and transportation.
  • We have the only homeless program inSan DiegoCounty that keeps homeless families together. Family members are not separated by age or gender.
  • In addition to serving our clients, our legal team conducts 5 mobile legal clinics throughout the county each week for those who do not have access to legal services. Last year, we conducted 2,822 YWCA and mobile legal clinic visits for 1,114 clients.