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About Us

The Duke Environmental Leadership (DEL) Master of Environmental Management (MEM) allows you to earn your degree via a combination of space and place based sessions. The DEL-MEM program is a two-year place and space (online) program with a work experience requirement. The program focuses on interdisciplinary and global themes, strategic approaches to environmental management, communication and effective leadership. A minimum of 5 years of environmentally-related experience is required. DEL-MEM students are mid-career environmental professionals and leaders from across the world earning a MEM degree from home, while maintaining a commitment to their employer and family.

The DEL Program also offers Executive Education courses. Through the DEL Program’s intensive courses and certification programs, you can chart a path into your professional future. The DEL Program’s top-notch faculty and up-to-date curricula will improve your knowledge and skills to better compete in today’s marketplace, advance in your field and develop your capacity to be a leader in the management of natural resources.

For more details, please visit our website at: http://www.nicholas.duke.edu/del/