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About Us

"Rekko Guatemala" is a small but trieving non-profit organization working in Guatemala since 1995. Is non-religious, and non-political.

Rekko Guatemala focuses it's work on three main aspects : Education, Health and Solidarity.

Education : In Guatemala we run a Early Childhood Educational Project following a modern methodology (called "Planting Seeds" which includes lineaments of Montessori, and is recognized by the goverment) which benefits 48 families from the most disadvantaged part of the community. In parallel with educational activites, we offer medical/dental/psychological assistance and a nutritional program. Part of our offer to the kids include outdoor activity in our garden, vegetable garden and farming (poultry). 

Health: In Guatemala we manage 2 clinics which we have build respectively in 1997 and 2008. Through these clinics we serve almost 16k patients a year offering low-cost/high-quality services all year round. We employ 23 local professionals to ensure the daily functioning of the clinics and we also work with numerous medical volunteers which allow us to operate directly in rural areas through Rural Medical days. We offer on a daily base a range of medical specialties (Gynecology, Dentist, General Medicine, Psychology, Traumatology, Internal Med, Physioteraphy). All our services are thought taking into account communities needs (we employ social workers to help us in this).

Solidarity: This is the value that laces all our volunteers, supporters and employees together. The will to work with the most needed with an "horizzontal" perspective rather then a more commong top-down perspective (assistentialism).

Projects realized as of 2013

"REKKO 1" (1983-1984-1985) Location :Busoro (BURUNDI) Project realized: Small hospital.

"REKKO 2" (1989-1990) Location Kigamboni (Dar es Salaam – Tanzania) Project realized: woodworking school.

"REKKO 3" (1991) Location : Malolo (Tanzania) . Project realized: kindergarten "Margherita"

"REKKO 4" (1991-1992) Location :Malolo (Tanzania) Project realized: Solar energy electric system for the maternity dispensary.

"REKKO 5" (1992-1993)Location :Marogoro (Tanzania) Project realized: A house for 10 people with electricity, water and WC.

"REKKO 6" (1994-1995) Location :Lumbiji (Tanzania) Project realized: Water main serving 6000 people. 11 public fountains within 4 villages.

"REKKO 7" (1995-today) Yepocapa (Guatemala) project realized: Center for sanitary help. This project is currently managed by Rekko "Third Age For The Third World" directly, with the idea, in a near future, of leaving it's management to REKKO GUATEMALA.

"REKKO 8" (2009-Today) Antigua (Guatemala) Project realized : Center for sanitary help. It contains medicine clinic, gynecology clinic, pediatric clinic, dentist clinic, rheumatology clinic, dermatology clinic, physiotherapy and psychology clinics. This project is managed through a collaboration between REKKO GUATEMALA and REKKO ITATLIA.