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About Us

Creamos is a Guatemalan NGO that aims to improve the lives of women living in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump community through micro-enterprise and welfare initiatives that foster self-esteem, health, creativity and financial independence. Our activities can be divided into three parts:
  1. Income-generating initiatives that provide women with an alternative form of income to working in the GCGD, and equip them with transferable skills and business knowledge. We design and create jewellery, bags and other accessories using recycled materials.
  2. A financial literacy education and safety planning programme that teaches banking services, budgeting, financial negotiation with partners, and other gender-based issues that impact women’s financial independence and opportunities.

  3. An emotional support programme that aims to fill the gap in social services available to the women of the GCGD community. It consists of a range of physical activities, support groups, workshops and counselling services.